Inept: Impaired: Overwhelmed

By: Bil Lepp

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In Inept: Impaired: Overwhelmed, West Virginia tall tale-teller Bil Lepp keeps a smile on your face as he regales you with stories about catfish-grabblin’, summer camp, moose-trappin’, and a mishap with the FBI. Being a five-time winner of the West Virginia Liars’ Contest makes Lepp a natural for his two jobs: a state employee and a Methodist minister.

From childhood to adulthood, Bil’s wacky adventures often include his best friend, Skeeter Barth. Whether you find that Bil and Skeeter are trouble-makers or that trouble just follows them around, you’ll be laughing as they test smelly catfish-bait; get stopped by the sheriff; struggle with rock climbing; and get attacked by woodpeckers, catfish, and moose. Bil is often accompanied by his super-dog Buck, “whose mother was a German shepherd and whose father was a prolific and extremely determined basset hound.” With Buck’s help, Bil tries kayak dogsledding on the New River; stops up the Bluestone Dam; and takes the Monster Stick out for one last wild ride.

"Bil Lepp stars his gun-shy hunting dog Buck in a tale that grows taller and taller--and then even taller. Listeners are howling with the hilarity, tears of laughter streaking faces split with wide-mouth grins. When the young teller wraps up his story in one more burst of implausibility, the audience leaps to its feet, cheering. All hail the king!" - Mary Ellen Botter, The Dallas Morning News

Title: Inept: Impaired: Overwhelmed

Author Name: Bil Lepp

Categories: Humor,

Publisher: Paperback, 164 pages:

ISBN Number: 1-891852-17-5

ISBN Number 13: 9781891852176

Seller Id: 124